PVC Underground Tube

with protective corrugated cover, foamed (please follow instructions carefully!)

Item no.DescriptionDiameterWall thicknessLengthWeight / m
120750PVC Underground Tube60 mm2,5 mm5000 mm0,000 kg
120700PVC Underground Tube63 mm1,9 mm5000 mm2,400 kg
120760PVC Underground Tube70 mm2,5 mm5000 mm0,000 kg
120770PVC Underground Tube80 mm2,5 mm5000 mm2,900 kg
120710PVC Underground Tube90 mm2,0 mm5000 mm2,900 kg
120780PVC Underground Tube108 mm4,0 mm5000 mm4,000 kg
120720PVC Underground Tube110 mm2,3 mm5000 mm3,000 kg
120730PVC Underground Tube125 mm2,6 mm5000 mm0,000 kg
120790PVC Underground Tube132 mm4,0 mm5000 mm5,600 kg
120740PVC Underground Tube160 mm3,2 mm5000 mm5,600 kg
120800PVC Underground Tube200 mm4,0 mm5000 mm0,000 kg
120810PVC Underground Tube315 mm6,2 mm5000 mm0,000 kg

PVC Underground Bend 90°

with protective corrugated cover, foamed (please follow instructions carefully!)

Item no.DescriptionDiameterWall thicknessRadiusWeight
132025PVC Underground Bend80 mm2,5 mm500-
132000PVC Underground Bend60 mm2,5 mm800-
132010PVC Underground Bend63 mm1,9 mm300-
132015PVC Underground Bend63 mm1,9 mm5503,000 kg
132020PVC Underground Bend70 mm2,5 mm500-
132030PVC Underground Bend80 mm2,5 mm8003,500 kg
132040PVC Underground Bend90 mm2,0 mm550-
132045PVC Underground Bend90 mm2,0 mm650-
132050PVC Underground Bend90 mm2,0 mm750-
132055PVC Underground Bend108 mm4,0 mm550-
132060PVC Underground Bend108 mm4,0 mm650-
132065PVC Underground Bend108 mm4,0 mm8005,000 kg
132070PVC Underground Bend108 mm4,0 mm1000-
132075PVC Underground Bend108 mm4,0 mm1250-
132085PVC Underground Bend110 mm2,3 mm550-
132090PVC Underground Bend110 mm2,3 mm6503,300 kg
132095PVC Underground Bend110 mm2,3 mm8004,000 kg
132100PVC Underground Bend110 mm2,3 mm1000-
132105PVC Underground Bend110 mm2,3 mm1250-
132110PVC Underground Bend125 mm2,6 mm1000-
132115PVC Underground Bend132 mm4,0 mm6507,000 kg
132120PVC Underground Bend132 mm4,0 mm10009,000 kg
132125PVC Underground Bend160 mm3,2 mm8007,000 kg
132135PVC Underground Bend200 mm4,0 mm1250-
132140PVC Underground Bend315 mm6,2 mm1000-
132080PVC Underground Bend108 mm4,0 mm1500-
132035PVC Underground Bend80 mm2,5 mm1200-
132130PVC Underground Bend160 mm3,2 mm1200-
132134PVC Underground Bend200 mm4,0 mm800-

PVC Underground Sleeve

with accessories: 2 shrink hoses, 1 plug, component A+B

without forwarding sleeve (please follow instructions carefully!)

Item no.DescriptionDimensionWeight
140820PVC Underground sleeve1102,250 kg
140840PVC Underground sleeve1604,000 kg
140900PVC Underground sleeve2002,250 kg
140850PVC Underground sleeve552,250 kg
140800PVC Underground sleeve632,250 kg
140860PVC Underground sleeve652,250 kg
140870PVC Underground sleeve752,250 kg
140810PVC Underground sleeve902,250 kg
140880PVC Underground sleeve1002,250 kg
140890PVC Underground sleeve1242,500 kg
140830PVC Underground sleeve1252,250 kg
140910PVC Underground sleeve3152,250 kg