PEHD Underground Tube

Remark: In the area of heavy transport an additional protection is recommended.

Item no.DescriptionColourDiameterWall thicknessLengthDimensionWeight / m
180500PEHD Underground Tuberoyal blue125 mm9,8 mm5000 mm1103,740 kg
180540PEHD Underground Tuberoyal blue200 mm23,2 mm5000 mm16012,493 kg
180530PEHD Underground Tuberoyal blue110 mm12,0 mm5000 mm903,612 kg

PEHD Underground Bend

NW 90 + NW 110 : 100 mm straight at both ends

NW 160 : 150 mm straight at both ends

Item no.DescriptionColourDiameterWall thicknessDegreeDimensionRadiusWeight
180536PEHD Underground Bendroyal blue110 mm12,0 mm159010002,168 kg
180531PEHD Underground Bendroyal blue110 mm12,0 mm309010002,998 kg
180532PEHD Underground Bendroyal blue110 mm12,0 mm459010003,973 kg
180533PEHD Underground Bendroyal blue110 mm12,0 mm909010006,863 kg
180506PEHD Underground Bendroyal blue125 mm9,8 mm1511010002,244 kg
180501PEHD Underground Bendroyal blue125 mm9,8 mm3011010003,104 kg
180502PEHD Underground Bendroyal blue125 mm9,8 mm4511010004,114 kg
180503PEHD Underground Bendroyal blue125 mm9,8 mm9011010007,106 kg
180546PEHD Underground Bendroyal blue200 mm23,2 mm1516012007,670 kg
180541PEHD Underground Bendroyal blue200 mm23,2 mm30160120011,590 kg
180542PEHD Underground Bendroyal blue200 mm23,2 mm45160120015,520 kg
180543PEHD Underground Bendroyal blue200 mm23,2 mm90160120026,550 kg

PEHD Underground Sleeve / Electrofusion Coupler


Item no.DescriptionColourDiameterDimensionWeight
180524PEHD Underground Sleeveblack110 x 163 mm900,550 kg
180504PEHD Underground Sleeveblack125 x 173 mm1100,750 kg
180544PEHD Underground Sleeveblack200 x 230 mm1602,100 kg

PEHD-PVC Transition Sleeve


Item no.DescriptionColourDiameterDimensionWeight
180505PEHD-PVC Transition Sleeveroyal blue/grey125 / 110 x 445 mm1101,350 kg
180545PEHD-PVC Transition Sleeveroyal blue/grey200 / 160 x 500 mm1604,450 kg
180535PEHD-PVC Transition Sleeveroyal blue/grey110 / 90 x 445 mm901,300 kg

PEHD Underground End Cap


180537PEHD Underground End Capblack110 x 206 mm901,259 kg
180507PEHD Underground End Capblack125 x 222 mm1101,702 kg
180547PEHD Underground End Capblack200 x 289 mm1605,260 kg

PEHD Electrofusion Unit

for electrofusion coupler, delivered in a suitcase

110 V on request

Item no.DescriptionWeight
180510PEHD Electrofusion Unit (230 V)21,550 kg
180510-110PEHD Electrofusion Unit (110 V)21,550 kg

PEHD Rotational Scraper Tool

Dimension range 90-225 mm

Item no.DescriptionWeight
180515PEHD Rotational Scraper Tool5,100 kg

PEHD Accessories


Item no.DescriptionWeight
180511KURO Silver marker0,050 kg
180512KURO Hand scraper0,100 kg
180513Substitue blades for hand scraper0,032 kg
180514PE Special cleaner0,850 kg
180516Fan grinder 60 x 400,950 kg
180518Universal deburrer0,055 kg

Curaflex® Gasket Inserts

Sealing system for penetrations. To install in preinstalled pipe sleeve or core bore in waterproof concrete (white tank).

Item-no.DescriptionTube dimensionsDiameterBore holeWeight
180700Curaflex Gasket Insert Typ A, against non-pressing water110 x 12,0 mm902003,612 kg
180702Curaflex Gasket Insert Typ A, against non-pressing water125 x 9,8 mm1102003,740 kg
180704Curaflex Gasket Insert Typ A, against non-pressing water200 x 23,2 mm16030012,493 kg
180701Curaflex Gasket Insert Typ C, against pressing water110 x 12,0 mm902003,612 kg
180703Curaflex Gasket Insert Typ C, against pressing water125 x 9,8 mm1102003,740 kg
180705Curaflex Gasket Insert Typ C, against pressing water200 x 23,2 mm16030012,493 kg

Kabuflex® Cable Duct

The flexible, ring-shaped tube protects the data cable and comes in coils with a flexibility that enables
installation over long distances without sleeves or bends.

  • in coils, structured-wall design (currogated outside, smooth inside), with feed cord
  • one coupling (sandtight)
  • minimum radius about 350 mm

All dimensions in coils of 50 m.

Item-no.DescriptionOD mmID mmWeight
401702KURO-Flex DN 4040320,230 kg
401700KURO-Flex DN 5050410,230 kg
401703KURO-Flex DN 6363530,350 kg

Kabuflex® Coupling SD

Execution: for sandtight connection of Kabuflex conduits

Artikel Nr.ArtikelbezeichnungDN mmLänge mmGewicht
401752KURO-FLEX Doppelsteckmuffe DN 4040830,016 kg
401751KURO-FLEX Doppelsteckmuffe DN 50501000,024 kg
401753KURO-FLEX Doppelsteckmuffe DN 63631100,036 kg