Individual systems for a perfect result

We have more to offer – customer specific special designs

The standard does not always work for everyone. We will also manufacture individual parts and small batches for you. The choices available for shape and colour are as diverse as the fields of application- the possibilities are virtually endless.

We view ourselves as a service workshop which reacts with speed and flexibility to find individual solutions for your special requirements.



Thanks to our workshop for special designs and our wealth of experience we are able to match our products to your special requirements.


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Our new KURO PVC/ASA pipe has an excellent weather and UV resistance.

This Plastic Material is characterized by a high impact resistance and is largely scratchresistant – an ideal material for the production of durable pipes and molded parts for outdoor use. A long-term laboratory test confirms a color resistance of at least 10 years.

By mixing the PVC-U, PVC-C and ASA materials, we do combine the best material properties and achieve a very high heat resistance.

Detailled informations:


Examples for Use

  • PVC sign post

Clean Tube - antibacterial tube

Clean tube is used as soon as hygiene plays an important role. Clean Tube's innovative technology has a antibacterial effect and has reduces the groth of bacteria by more than 99,9%

Particularly practical: The antibacterial effect is directly integrated into the tube. Of course, clean tube is completely safe for your health and provides reliable protection and safety over at least 10 years.

Detailled product information:

Examples for use

  • From ND 50 to ND 200 in different colors (according RAL)
  • Tubes, Bends and other

Individual Tubes

Choose the right pipe for your project. In addition to our standard program, we do offer individually tailored customized tailor-made solutions. We do also manufacture individual parts and series for you. The choice of shape and color is just as diverse as the fields of application, and there are hardly any limits to your wishes.

Examples of use

  • From ND 50 to ND 500 in different colors (according RAL)
  • Tubes for drill samples
  • Tubes for flue gas outlet
  • Tube cuttings for sports equipment
  • Tube cuttings for the packaging technology

Individual Piping Bends

The range in the area of piping bends does include a variety of diameters, radii, degrees, materials and standards for the most diverse requirements in piping construction. You are looking for a solution that is specifically tailored to your needs, but is not included in the standard program. Unusual degree numbers? Non-standard radii? No problem! We are happy to work out a solution for your specific needs.

Examples of use

  • From ND 50 to ND 500 in different colors (according RAL) and different degrees and radii
  • Short bends

Vierkant- /Rechteckrohre


PU isolierte Kunststoffrohre


Examples of use

  • PVC and PE Underground tubes and bends (ND 63 to ND 200) – also with trace-heating

Oval Tube Plastic

Anything but average: the KURO Oval Tube is the right choice wherever space-saving work is required and attractive design is desired. Besides the forwarding tube, within the Pneumatic Tube technology, additional cable channels for different applications can be integrated into the Oval Tube.

CNC Milled parts made of plastic

A pipe - Thousand possibilities. We want to produce the optimal product for every application area. Our CNC portal Milling Machine for tubes offers to you a wide range of possibilities. When machining, you rely on us for perfect treatment. The CAM programming defines an optimal milling strategy, so we guarantee a customer-and product-specific machining solution as well as a high flexibility.

Examples of use

  • Planting tubes
  • X-Mas tubes
  • Logo or writing – engraved or milled
  • Protection for cuttings
  • Spacers in special design

Welding and gluing of Plastics

Already at the kindergarten, connection specialists are trained: Using scissors, paper and glue, small works of art are created. Gluing and welding are among the most well-known joining processes. Very strong material connections and long-lasting stability can be achieved.

Examples of use

  • Transitions to different materials
  • T-Pieces made of tube cuttings
  • Crosses made of tube cuttings

Halbschalen aus Kunststoff


Examples of use

  • Transport slides
  • Protection for mowing maschines (for Photovoltaik systems or trees)



Examples of use

  • Transitions

Plastic tube-compensator

When a solid body heats up, it expands. This property must be considered when planning resp. installing piping-systems. We offer plastic pipe-compensators that are specially adapted to your application. They prevent overloading and breakage of pipes, joints, holders and masonry.

Flanging of Plastic Tubes

Flanging or also expanding and flaring of the tube is a special type of forming technology. That means the bending of the edge from the end of the pipe. This allows an unobstructed transition between two different tube types. In addition, flanging allows setting up of fitting-free tube connections.

Examples of use

  • Transitions from PE-Pipe to composite pipe

Injection Molding

Injection molding is the perfect addition to our extruded tubes. Geometries and materials are precisely adapted to the requirements of your applications and thus lead to cost-effective solutions with high precision.

Examples of use

  • Spacers
  • Caps
  • Flexible bends
  • Split ducts made of PP