PE-HD Bends for cable protection / R=1000

Material: PE-HD inclusive recycled material

Execution: with integral ring seal socket incl. seal ring

Colour: black

Remarks: Tolerances +/- 5°

dimensionwall thicknessdegreeweightitem number
75 mm3,0 mm15°0,550 kg458080
75 mm3,0 mm30°0,750 kg458081
75 mm3,0 mm45°0,940 kg458082
75 mm3,0 mm90°1,540 kg458083
90 mm3,5 mm15°0,900 kg458010
90 mm3,5 mm30°1,000 kg458011
90 mm3,5 mm45°1,250 kg458012
90 mm3,5 mm90°2,000 kg458013
110 mm4,2 mm15°1,100 kg458000
110 mm4,2 mm30°1,500 kg458001
110 mm4,2 mm45°1,800 kg458002
110 mm4,2 mm90°3,200 kg458003
110 mm6,3 mm15°1,300 kg458040
110 mm6,3 mm30°1,800 kg458041
110 mm6,3 mm45°2,300 kg458042
110 mm6,3 mm90°4,500 kg458043
125 mm3,9 mm15°1,700 kg458020
125 mm3,9 mm30°1,900 kg458021
125 mm3,9 mm45°1,900 kg458022
125 mm3,9 mm90°3,900 kg458023
160 mm5,0 mm15°2,600 kg458030
160 mm5,0 mm30°2,900 kg458031
160 mm5,0 mm45°3,340 kg458032
160 mm5,0 mm90°5,250 kg458033
160 mm6,2 mm15°3,100 kg458034
160 mm6,2 mm30°3,700 kg458035
160 mm6,2 mm45°4,450 kg458036
160 mm6,2 mm90°7,300 kg458037

PE-HD Bends for cable protection - flexible

Execution: with ring seal socket and plain end

Colour: black

Remarks: sand and mud proof

dimensionwall thicknesslengthdegreeweightitem number
50 mm6,0 mm595 mm45°0,300 kg452998
50 mm6,0 mm1015 mm90°0,550 kg453008
63 mm6,0 mm610 mm45°0,600 kg452999
63 mm6,0 mm1070 mm90°1,000 kg453009
75 mm6,0 mm645 mm45°0,600 kg453000
75 mm6,0 mm1120 mm90°1,000 kg453010
90 mm6,0 mm835 mm45°0,800 kg453001
90 mm6,0 mm1385 mm90°1,500 kg453011
110 mm6,0 mm1035 mm45°1,300 kg453002
110 mm6,0 mm1685 mm90°2,500 kg453012
125 mm6,0 mm1220 mm45°1,700 kg453003
125 mm6,0 mm2080 mm90°3,000 kg453013
140 mm6,0 mm1300 mm45°3,150 kg453006
140 mm6,0 mm2100 mm90°4,650 kg453016
160 mm6,0 mm1355 mm45°3,650 kg453004
160 mm6,0 mm2275 mm90°6,700 kg453014

PE-HD cable conduit bends flexible

Execution: with solvent welded socket and plain end


Colour: black

dimensionwall thicknesslengthdegreeweightitem number
110 mm6,0 mm1900 mmlang bis 90°4,800 kg503101
110 mm6,0 mm1000 mmlang bis 45°2,600 kg503102